View Full Version : ipod photo,itunes cant see it and freezes, needs restored

Sep 26, 2008, 02:30 PM
Hi guys does anyone here know how to restore and ipod photo i have one from a friend to check and it started with the sad mac face once some charge went in it that disappeared and i have tried both the reset and disk modes but itunes 8 cant see it and if i start itunes with it pluged in itunes freezes.

Is there anyway to retsore this if itunes cant see it or is there another utility that can do this, i have tried disk utility which see's it but i cant erase it as it says "resource busy"

Any help is appreciated this ipod belongs to a friend with next to know money so so getting it working would be a nice luxury for her, thanks in advance.

Im using itunes 8 on an intel core duo macbook, i have a firewire, usb and a firewire & usb combo cables, if that helps