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Sep 30, 2008, 03:48 AM
Hi Guys,

I've written a SOAP client in my app, which is sending a SOAP request to the webservice.

I'm getting a response from the webservice with the data, which I'm storing in NSDictionary.

I'm struck here, as I quite don't understand how to parse(decode) the SOAP response message.

My requirement is, I should store the data which is in the SOAP response in some local variable.

i,e Just get the "PDM", "UK", "132456" from the below result, instead of the whole "{ DetailsResult etc"

It's very crucial to me, appreciate any sample code to parse the SOAP response which is stored in NSDictionary.

Thanks in advance.


// result - contains the SOAP response message.

NSDictionary *result = (NSDictionary *)WSMethodInvocationInvoke(soapReq);
NSLog(@"SOAP Response: %@", result);

// get HTTP response from SOAP request so we can see response HTTP status code
CFHTTPMessageRef res = (CFHTTPMessageRef)[result objectForKeyid)kWSHTTPResponseMessage];
int resStatusCode = CFHTTPMessageGetResponseStatusCode(res);

Logs: Here i've pasted the response in short, which I need to parse.
"/Result" = {
"DetailsResult" = {
"diffgr:diffgram" = {
NewDataSet = {
Table = {
"USR_EMAIL" = "PDM@gmail.com";
"ID" = 100;
"PH" = 132456 ;