View Full Version : Sawtooth G4 to HDTV Issue (Working then not working)

Oct 6, 2008, 10:09 AM
Hey all,

I just got a new Vizio LCD HDTV a few days ago, and I am having a strange issue hooking it up to my Sawtooth G4 that I use as a media center.

I have the two connected through a DVI to HDMI cable, the DVI is on the G4's end, and the HDMI is on the TV's end. When I start the computer up, the connection works perfectly (in beautiful 1080p, I might add). However, when I switch inputs, or if the computer goes to sleep, the connection is lost, and I cannot get it back again without restarting the computer. The TV just says "no input" where it once showed the screen.

At first glance, I assume this problem is resolution caused, but I can't even begin to explain why it may happen.

Thanks for the input! (edit - no pun intended!)