View Full Version : Can't change clock settings on iPod nano 4G?

Oct 7, 2008, 02:31 PM
I bought a new iPod nano 4G about one and a half week ago and I got a little problem. It's not really a problem but I don't get it why it's like that:

In the date & time settings you can activate a 24 hour clock (instead of AM and PM), which I did. But the moment I connect the iPod to the computer (it doesn't matter if it's my MacBook which I use as the computer to sync my iPod to or if it's the Windows PC at work that doesn't even has iTunes installed) - it automatically switches to 12 hour clock (I always have to set it to 24 hour clock again :( )....
The iPod has firmware 1.0.2 on it

Anyone got an idea?