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Jan 29, 2004, 01:28 PM
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Jan 29, 2004, 03:24 PM
Pundits (and armchair CEOs) are split:

Camp 1: The iPod mini is an alternative to the 15 GB iPod, and it's not a good one: $50 savings, small size and weight, simplified controls, and the color choice aren't worth it. Maximum storage and the best price per GB are all that matters. Apple should take a loss and sell the mini cheaper or not bother.

Camp 2: The iPod mini will draw sales away from high-end flash players that hold far less music, lack the features and reputation of iPod, and often cost the same or more than the mini--which Apple has priced just above cost, and will price even lower when possible. Besides, not everyone needs more than 1,000 songs, and the mini's competitors are priced exactly the same.

Am I crazy, or should there be a third camp?

Camp 3: Some people will see the mini as an alternative to the 15 GB iPod, and choose the higher model which has higher profit for Apple. And some people (like current flash buyers) will want smaller size more than they want capacity, and will choose the mini.

Do all buyers have to want the same thing? If not, that might explain Apple's bizarre decision to have.... multiple choices :)