View Full Version : Movie Poster display with Macbook & Time Capsule

Oct 14, 2008, 07:22 PM
First off, thanks for looking!:o

Anyway, I am building my movie collection via HandBrake and am running into a problem.

I have my movies stored on my Time Capsule and from there they being accessed from iTunes.

However, I bring my laptop to class, causing a disconnection from my TC, so when I return home I get the Exclamation Point next to the movie titles.

This causes the movie posters, and access to my :apple: TV, to go away until I do "Get Info" on each movie and it's as if i never left.

:confused:So - Is there any way to avoid this? It is very tedious to do this with every movie and TV show I have on my TC... every day when I come home.:confused: