View Full Version : Blue microphones for Podcasting

Oct 14, 2008, 09:26 PM
So I am looking for differing opinions on three products from Blue. The Snowball, Snowflake, and the 8-Ball. My use will strictly be voice recording for podcasts and audio chats. From what I can tell the Snowflake and Snowball are essentially the same microphone, but the Snowflake is far more portable. The other option is the 8-ball which I think is also similar, but requires a pre-amp (which I have). The problem is that I am using a MacBook and don't always want to have a pre-amp plugged in (there are drivers and other non-sense to get it working smoothly). As far as sound quality goes, I think the 8-ball could be better to the other two. Then, my concern for the Snowflake is that since it would be sitting on my desk, it would be picking up all my mouse and keyboard clicks. Anyone with experience or input on these products?