View Full Version : Broken HDD, service refused from apple, what now?

Oct 28, 2008, 03:18 AM
Long story short I bought a 160g classic from a guy locally from craigslist for 80 bucks. His story is that he got it at a raffle and it never turned on and he didnt bother with it. When apple returned it it says it's been "abused".

Before I sent it in I did the diagnostic and everything is fine and there was a failure when I tried the HDD diagnostics (I can do more diagnostic when apple sends it back)

So I got it for $80, and I know I have learned my lesson -- never buy broken ****. I am trying to get my money back.

1. Sell it as-is? How much can I fetch? I checked some website and the control board goes for even 125! Ridiculous. Plus the screen, batt, body, and whatever else all works fine.

2. Get another HDD. How's the installation? I am pretty handy so I think I can do it DIY. I have yet to find a suitable place to buy a HDD. Ebay is filled with old stuff and there is one another place selling it for $100 after shipping. Can I get a cheaper deal?

Any input?