View Full Version : Handbrake encoding vs Boxee

Nov 8, 2008, 04:58 PM
Now Apple have added alternate audio and soft subtitle support I am about to start ripping my non-dts films again (about 60). Now Boxee has been released I understand I can just rip my DVDs to my NAS and run them from boxee. Obviously this means that I can get all the audio tracks, subtitles, branching features and extras. I also get the impression boxee can get the artwork and tags from the internet.

Taking the Handbrake option means spending more time encoding followed by tagging, trying to find a way to get soft-subtitles in and I don't think at the moment there is a way to have more than one 5.1 track so my foreign films will have to wait. The obvious advantage is much smaller file sizes (about 1/4 the size).

Storage space is getting cheaper all the time...