View Full Version : tuning network for appleTV streaming

Nov 18, 2008, 02:34 AM

are there any utilties out there for tuning a wireless network for appleTV streaming? I'm getting some stutters which I don't notice when just transferring files etc, but for watching video its annoying. music is fine

Xbox 360 used to have a tuner utitility that would show you a realtime graph with maximum throughput, and map onto that lines for SDTV, HDTV etc. I don't need the lines, I can manage with Mb/s, but I'd like somethign with realtime feedback so I can eg change channels/move my antenna around to see how it behaves. I also have a macbook in the house so I can do this from MBP<->MB (putting the macbook near to where the appleTV is)

With all this interference from neighbours etc, I can't beleive you're almost just choosing channels blind

all of my video is on a USB drive attached to a time capsule. Am I right in thinking that in order to stream to the appleTV, it has to go down to my MBP(for itunes), back up to the time capsule, then down to the appleTV? Seems very inefficient.