View Full Version : Removing Boxee

Nov 18, 2008, 01:15 PM
Ok i have played with Boxee for a few days and am not happy with it, its just like streaming video to the xbox 360, does some things great but is not a complete solution. I think everyone who is in love with Boxee had issues with the apple TV before, i on the other hand love the apple tv and really don't need much extra. That being said i do like the idea of having ssh access to the box, and possibly installing couch surfer and a few other plugins. So to my actual question how do i remove Boxee and xbmc without restoring the entire box. Do i just delete the apps from the application folder?

As a side note i would love for someone to remove all of boxees features excepts the internet streaming, and create that as its only function. Thats all i find apealing about the software and the interface is too clunky and disorganized to bother openeing it just for the streaming.