View Full Version : ibook G4 OS X hangs on boot can't mount HD

Nov 18, 2008, 02:03 PM
I've got a 1.33ghz iBook that has a hard drive problem. It is the common startup hang where it rarely goes beyond the apple icon and when it does, it's never past the Loading OS X screen.

What i've done:

started with OS X CD, rand Disk Utilities and tried to repair. It failed several times and continued to show that the disk couldn't be mounted.

I've tried starting it in Target disk mode. It isn't seen by the other ibook, which again, points to it not being able to be mounted.

I haven't tried reinstalling OS X because I want to see about getting some data off it. The last backup was over a month ago, so there would be some pictures lost and such.

So: Any ideas about how I could get the data off the drive before I reformat and reinstall OSX?