View Full Version : Title Repeat on Blu-ray Disc features

Michael CM1
Nov 19, 2008, 02:42 AM
This may be a bit off topic, but it's definitely home theater.

Most of the Blu-ray movies I own (plus TV shows) won't let you use the Title Repeat function on the player. They'll only let you repeat the chapter. Does anybody know why this is? I don't recall having this problem with DVDs, and sometimes I want a movie to replay at night. The first season of Chuck let's me do it (seven episodes on one disc that repeat!), but the only others I can recall are the Harry Potter films.

You pay $25 or so for a movie and $200-300 for a player and you think you could repeat the whole frickin' movie.

On a side note, Apple, get off your arse letting us use playlists in Apple TV. It's just as dumb as the repeat feature not working on Blu-ray Discs!