View Full Version : Macbook Pro/Yamaha YPG/Sound system

Nov 19, 2008, 07:39 AM
While I am a musician, I'm not an audio/computer person. I think I have the "stuff" to do what I want (although I may need some additional software) but I'm confused.

I have a Yamaha YPG 625 keyboard (it has MIDI and USB hookups). I play it through a sound system at church. I want to be able to access the sounds from Garage Band and play them through the sound system as well.

I brought my keyboard home (where I don't have a sound system obviously) and managed to connect the keyboard to the computer and get the sounds to come through the keyboard speakers. If I take it to church and hook it up the same way, will the sounds now come through the sound system?

Also, there's a fixed number of sounds on my keyboard, if I want to expand what's available what's the best way to do that? Someone mentioned the software "Reason" but I haven't looked into it.

Thank you in advance for dumbing down your answer and being patient with a newbie.