View Full Version : In need of new power supply iBook G3

Nov 21, 2008, 08:48 AM
So I need a new power supply for an old iBook g3 (model A1005, it's 600mhz) and I see there are some out there that are 45 watts and some that are 65 watts. Does it make a difference which one to get? Anyone have any suggestions on where to get a good quality one online, since finding one in a store seems impossible. Thanks

Nov 21, 2008, 08:58 AM
i dont think it should make a difference for you. i think the powerbooks used the 65 watt.

i have an extra adapter (i think its a 45 watt) that is in perfect condition if you may be interested.

Nov 21, 2008, 09:03 AM
everymac.com should list the specs / required adapter, and a number of places to get such adapters.

A place to get it would be macsales.com