View Full Version : anyone else seen a vertical screen stripe on opening display?

Dec 2, 2008, 10:41 AM
for a month or two now, my original MBA has had a vertical distortion strip appear sometimes when I open it. If I jiggle the display a bit, or tap the back of the display, it goes away and works fine. concerned there's a wire loose -- had that problem with old powerbook some years ago - frayed with age and had to be replaced. This seems similar, though the frayed and finally cut wire in the powerbook showed no symptoms until it was cut, then had to replace screen.

Incidentally, this issue started occurring before I dropped the laptop as noted in a post in another thread!

I haven't got a picture of the distortion, it is screen not system related, but for about two inches of display right of center, a strip flashes intermittently and is a couple of pixels offset (down) from rest of display.