View Full Version : A little confused about dev enrollment.

Dec 3, 2008, 09:08 AM
I'm very interested in writing software for the iPhone and I'm a little confused as how to go about starting. I read the iPhone developer FAQ on this forum and it was very helpful, but I'm still a little foggy on this subject. Can i write my programs and test them on my iPhone with just the free registration and when i want to test and distribute it then pay for the enrollment program or do i have to be enrolled first before i can even test it on something other then the simulator?

Thanks for any light on this subject.

Dec 3, 2008, 09:15 AM
free registration gives you access to the iphone dev center, and you can download the full sdk which include an iphone simulator (be careful, the simulator runs faster than the actual device!) but if you want to test on your device/put an app on the app store, you need to upgrade to the $99 registration. I believe the $99 is a repeating cost, you pay $99 each year or something like that.