View Full Version : audio missing -- why?!

Dec 3, 2008, 06:11 PM
Mac Audio Experts: I need your help badly!
I have an audio file that plays perfectly in Quicktime...
But when I export it, either up to YouTube, or more importantly, to DVD, the audio goes missing!
I recorded the audio with a (miniDV) digital video camera and an external microphone, uploaded the footage into iMovie, exported it to full-quality digital video, then deleted the video channel in Quicktime. (because it was a 2-hour recording, I needed only the audio, the file size was huge, and I was short on external hard drive space).
Now when I play the file in Quicktime... at first it played really, really low in the mix on a pair of crappy speakers. I thought that the speakers were the problem perhaps, so I good a decent pair of speakers. Sure enough, now I hear the file when I play it in Quicktime. But let's say I export it to MP4 format to upload to YouTube. The MP4 file, in Quicktime, plays the audio fine, but when I upload it to YouTube, the audio can't be heard. Or, when I encode the file in MPEG2 format to put on a DVD, again, the audio can't be heard.
Additionally, I tried playing the file in Quicktime and recording it with one of those screen-capture programs that's supposed to capture everything that's going on onscreen, including audio events. Did that, and the new audio file worked, but again, when I tried converting it either to YouTube or DVD, the audio was inaudible.
This file is vitally important for the indie documentary I am working on... I am desperate and starting to stress! Please help!
Thanks, IDN