View Full Version : ad hoc distribution on ipod touch

Dec 12, 2008, 11:46 AM
i dont have an ipod touch so i will have to ask for your help. is the ad-hoc distribution process in any way different for an ipod touch than an iphone? i send out the app and the mobileprovisioning file containing several device id's. one of them is an ipod touch device. installs properly on all iphones. when my friend with the ipod touch tries installing it, the dragging of the files seems to be accepted by itunes, then during the sync the app is rejected as unauthorized (the message is something similar to "the application could not be verified"). the settings -> general menu on the device does not contain a "profiles" section, which makes me think that the provisioning file doesnt make it to the device for some reason. are there any compile switches, or any program portal delicacies that i'm missing here? any advice? can any one of you that has an ipod touch confirm that the "profiles" section does show up on their device, when using provisioning files? thank you.