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Ensign Paris
Nov 16, 2001, 03:34 PM

I have just been talking to one of my friends at an AppleStore (In the UK so not proper AppleStore) and he showed me pictures of the iMac that was supposed to be released at AppleExpo Paris. It is 1ghz and will be revised and now brought out at AppleExpo San Francisco.

Probably yet another Forum War, go on go on go on

Guy Wickenden

Nov 17, 2001, 12:35 PM
So what does it look like?? The only thing that I wonder about your story is that Apple is very secritive about new products.. I doubt that they would send photos to Retail stores for the employees to show the genral public. even the iPod was kepped tight under wraps. But hey its allways fun to fight over whats Apple comming out with. Do you have any more specs than that?

Ensign Paris
Nov 17, 2001, 02:29 PM
The Guy I know was given the media before the Paris Expo was cencelled, he was then asked by Apple to destroy it and wait for the revised edition.

It looks rather like the "Pomona" in the Apple Design book but with a larger and lower screen. Anyway, it is to be revised now so it might be slightly different but I don't think all that different.


joey j
Nov 18, 2001, 01:06 PM
>The Guy I know was given the media before the Paris Expo was cencelled,
he was then asked by Apple to destroy it and wait for the revised

Very interesting. It correlates with MOSR's report of a ghz g3 lcd imac.
here's hoping. although i'm only really on about the g5, a ghz lcd imac is
more of a `gee it's good apple's got that' sort of item.


Nov 18, 2001, 02:42 PM
If Apple has the iMac2 ready to go they should let it out NOW. Christmas sales are going on now, not in January, and the iMac is definitely a consumer item. Nobody I know would be getting a G5 tower for Christmas, but I know a few who've gotten iMacs in the past.

Ensign Paris
Nov 18, 2001, 03:16 PM
There is always the chance that one will be released at MacExpo London


Nov 18, 2001, 10:47 PM
Someone have a link to a picture or something?

Nov 18, 2001, 11:31 PM
Pomona was the codename for the 20th Anniversary Mac. http://www.apple-history.com/aniversary.html

Nov 20, 2001, 10:22 AM
Why didn't they just say that in the first place? I know what the 20th Anniversary Mac looks like.

Nov 20, 2001, 11:07 AM
i doubt london.
For some reason the UK is always being ignored, apart from when someone needs something off us.

Nov 20, 2001, 11:39 AM
Originally posted by murk
Pomona was the codename for the 20th Anniversary Mac. http://www.apple-history.com/aniversary.html

True. But actually, "Pomona" was an early stage of the 20th Anniversary Mac development. It was one of the early prototypes.

The only page that featured pictures (http://tam.axon.net/) on all development stages unfortunately seems to have closed down. :(

Nov 20, 2001, 01:07 PM
at least we in silicon vally have to have something first, you know

we don't have good food, the girls look like cattle, the smog will kill a chemical weapons expert, the road rage is terrible, and yes...the roads suck and there are not enough of them, and good dining here is mcdonald's...and yes, i don't think the girls here think much of the guys either...in other words dammit to hell, we are totally uncool so give us the right to have something in the world first...OK!!!!!!!!

you will have your apple goodies 48 hours later anyways!!!!

ps-i used to live in london and you guys are ********** spoiled to say the least... but at least our public restrooms are better than yours, especially in the tube where many think it must be the best place to get it on or something!!!!

Nov 20, 2001, 02:30 PM
Interesting - I wasn't aware that we had rest rooms (toilets) on the London Subway (Underground). However, from the smell I think many people use them as rest rooms (piss on the platforms).

Nov 20, 2001, 02:35 PM
well anyhting is acceptable when you are drunk, pissing on the underground is only the start.

Nov 20, 2001, 02:36 PM
wow, jef that last post!
Thats unusually aggressive isnt it?
no need to swear now.

Nov 20, 2001, 02:45 PM
Spikey - I think I must have met you, or at the least shared an underground platform with you. Remind me to clean off my shoes when I get home.

Nov 20, 2001, 10:51 PM
why can't we go back to when spikey got deleted from this system. everyone was so much happier.

Nov 20, 2001, 11:11 PM
nah, I like his whole expletive self censorship thing, it's cute.
I don't think anyone should be kicked out, especially for voicing their viewpoint.

Nov 21, 2001, 01:44 AM
i have been on mac boards as a member since 1999 and spectator a couple of years before that, and swearing and unprofessionality is the hallmark of mac users all around the world...in general

leave the political correctness, carefully researched facts, and coporate professional politeness with the pc crowd

we are not computer people only, we are the wild bunch right out of mad max, if you have not noticed these last 20+ years

monkeybusiness; i never noticed spikey being banned at all, but he has jumped on my ass a couple of times whether i thought he was wrong or right

as a 38 year old with two businesses, two degrees, grad school, and microsoft tech school, and stints as a former engineer but now a computer techie...i will say, hardware-wise, spikey is the most knowledgeable poster overall i have seen on any mac or pc boards outside of experts-exchange.com (which is an engineer's chat board chock full of MSEE/MSEL/MCSEs)

i have seen many knowledgeable "users" and "engineering/cs students" try to match wits with him and get their butts kicked thoroughly...many posters talk from articles they read or from some journal of ivory tower academia, but with spikey, i suspect knows his stuff from that, as well as from real hands on experience

maybe his swearing puts you off, as it turns some other posters on, but make no mistake, the dude (however mean he can get at times) knows his stuff

my guess is that he is not here to make people happy...he has sure pissed me off sometimes i have to admit

...and there is another mac person i heard that liberally uses tough language a lot and his name is steve jobs

it's just a good thing that we are all not stuck on some six month cruise or something

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Nov 21, 2001, 02:30 AM
i don't mean to try to elevate any one person though

because the IT field's crown prince of know how is an auto mechanic, and those of you who have been in the field long enough know who i am talking about but this is more pc related so i will shutta my mouse

but back to topic...like a broken record

imac flat panel


imac shortneck crt with 1 GHz G3, G4, dual G4...and maybe at 999, 1199, 1599 or something like that or cheaper if possible

altivec is cheaper than ever folks so i am not making this up as wishful thinking...also altivec is useful like joey and others have said...and 1 GHz is also a selling point like many here have said and we know that the G3fx has that en route soon

Nov 22, 2001, 11:14 AM
awww isnt it nice to be loved monkeybusiness.
happier when i was gone??? well lets all be happy then,this aint ********** disneyland.

yeah i have already been banned once. I wouldnt censor my words if i had the choice, but i get the impression i will get banned for life if i dont. I cant help it, i was brought up in brixton and coventry.

Anyway getting banned runs in my family, my brother got banned from gameranger for posing as the admin and posting porn on the webboards....hehehe.

I wasnt having a go at you jef, just a little giggle.

just out of interest, what is the ratio of guys/girls on this forum?