View Full Version : FS/FT: SUPER CUBE and much more!!!

Feb 25, 2004, 10:16 PM
I'd like to list this again for trade or for sale:

Apple Cube - $1150 obo
G4 800mhz (Powerlogix Upgrade)
32mb Radeon Video Card
1gb Ram
40gb Hard Drive
Slot loading CDRW
Apple Pro Cube Speakers
Apple Pro Keyboard
Apple Pro Mouse
Apple Airport Card for Wireless 802.11b connectivity
Griffin iMic for connecting speakers

($750-cube, $200-processor, $100 ram, $50-Airport, $50-Radeon, $20-iMic)
It's a steal!!!

Apple 15" Studio Display Flat Screen - $350 obo

G4 533mhz Processor best offer (Not sure if it's still working and have no way to test it.)

Speck iSport - $30

Brenthaven Messenger - $50 obo
Does not include sleevecase. Used for my Tibook.

PICS available. I am willing to trade for a Powermac G4 1.0ghz or above or an iMac 17" 1ghz or above with Super Drive. Other systems: ibook G4 (combo) or any Powerbook G4 1ghz or above. PLUS Cash where applicable.

I will pay for half of shipping which will only be through USPS Express Mail to only the U.S. and it's Territories–it's trackable! I know many of you may say "Where is Guam?' Well we're a U.S. Territory a few hours east of Hawaii. I'm 100% American, baby!!! I have done SEVERAL transactions here and on other Mac forums as well as ebay (id: onlyjonas 100% positive)!

Please PM or email at jonas AT ite DOT net for any inquiries.

Thanks for looking!