View Full Version : Powerbook Pismo 400 w/ AppleCare and 567Mb ram+ DVD

Jun 10, 2002, 12:59 AM
_ _ _ _ _I no longer need my Powerbook G3 400 anymore now that school is over. Specs are as follows.

-400mhz G3

-576MB of ram

-10GB HD

- DVD-ROM Expansionbay module

- Attractive New Targus Bag

- External USB iomega ZipCD 650- no software , but works great in Discburner or iTunes

- Also note that this Powerbook is under AppleCare until September so you can renew with Apple for an extra 2 years of AppleCare.

- This unit is in great condition with most if not all packaging and instillation CD's

Asking $1100 + shipping or best offer

email me at pismoparadise@yahoo.com if interested