View Full Version : What is Your Best Blog of 2008!

Dec 31, 2008, 03:01 PM
This web site is calling for bloggers to submit their best blog of 2008! Personally, I submitted my "Prohibit Portly Patrons to Cover Corporate Crime" blog. In it I said that the Miss politician who sponsored a bill prohibiting restaurants from serving fat people, was really trying to distract from the fact his former employer Du Pont Merck was settling with the government from defrauding medicaid at the very same time. It went over most peoples' heads. In fact, the rage was directed at fat people rather than DuPont. But now that the extent that the corporations and power-elite have taken advantage of is coming to light, maybe the time is right to understand all the tricks the puppet masters have up their sleeves to keep us distracted with anything but what they are up to.

Bloggers, which of your blogs are you most proud of? Why not submit it? The internet is still a mechanism of democracy until they take that away from us too!