View Full Version : CARP podcast handling Apple please listen

Jan 4, 2009, 08:15 AM
For CARP substitute the obvious anagram.

Using 2.2 on ipod touch 2G 32G. Two things that are clearly wrong:

1. I set my options to keep only the unread podcasts and to allow auto-deletes. So I listen to a podcast on the touch, synchronise then update. The podcasts I listened to are deleted as they should be. Then I refresh my podcasts and guess what - the ones I listened to get downloaded AGAIN as if I never saw them. Maybe this is some kind of ID problem with the podcasts but hey, I think it should not be beyond the wit of man (apple) to write software that copes with it correctly.

2. On my touch, a group of podasts has a dot if it contains any podcasts that I didn't yet listen to completely. Well it seems if a group contains ONE podcast and I listen even to 5 seconds of it then that dot is no longer - so I can't use it to know what I have left to listen to unless I ONLY listen to complete podcasts. I don't know if this "feature" applies to other situations because one is enough.

Don't you guys at apple test software before its released ?
I've had no end of trouble with "features" of itunes. PLEASE get it right.