View Full Version : Zooming problem with multiple subviews

Jan 14, 2009, 01:23 AM
In my iPhone Application I'm trying to use zoom using UIScrollViews.
I have a main view of type UIScrollView (called View 1) to which I add a subview of type UIImageView (called View 2). This contains my image which needs to be zoomed.
Now on top of View1, I have few more subviews of type UIImageView (called View3x(s))

My problem is, when I zoom the View 1, the images on view2 zoom fine but the images on View 3x(s) remain at the static position where I had placed them on View 1.
It seems logical that the View 3 images dont move with zoom but I want some clues as to what will I need to do to ensure when I zoom, the View3 images also move with respect to the zoomed coords.

Please help.