View Full Version : Sync only new video with iPod?

Jan 14, 2009, 09:55 AM
Morning guys... a new issue (and it's probably because I'm just a fledgling iTunes user) has cropped up.

When syncing video to my iPhone, it feels that it has to delete the existing video files only to add EVERYTHING as a whole for video (for example: if I have two episodes of "Chuck" on my iPod/iPhone and I want to add the next two, when I click 'Sync', iTunes removes the existing two episodes and then adds episodes 1-4, rather than just adding the next two.

Is there a work around for this? I find that it doesn't delete and re-add all of my music for some reason. Am I simply just missing a setting?

Jan 14, 2009, 08:18 PM
When you have your iPhone connected, cancel the automatic syncing. Select the name of the iPhone from the device list, and to the right there should be a Videos tab, next to the Summary, Info, other tabs. You can set the syncing to sync all videos or just the newest/unwatched episodes. If you've already done so, I don't know why it would re-sync stuff that's already on the iPhone unless you updated the file information in iTunes.

Jan 15, 2009, 12:28 AM
The way it was set was the same option as my music, although it wouldn't delete and re-add all of my library. It's a curious and strange thing, this iTunes issue.

I've (fortunately) decided to go the manual route and simply "drag-and-drop" via iTunes what I have for video and music (gives me a slightly more hands-on approach). Plus I can just as easily delete the files fro my hard drive and not have to worry about iTunes removing it from my iPhone/iPod.

Saves on space AND lets me keep my entertainment! ^_~