View Full Version : Having to wipe harddrive...

Jan 18, 2009, 12:43 PM
Okay my computer has a worm so I need to wipe it. My question is if it is possible to get an external harddrive to transfe iTunes from my computer to the external by just dragging and dropping the iTunes folder onto the external. Will everything just transfer with the folder: my music, my iPhone information, etc...? Or will I have to do it a different way?

Sorry if my question is choppy, I am on my phone and not accustomed to typing horizontally.

Jan 18, 2009, 01:04 PM
You should be able to go to File->Library->Back Up to Disk and tell it to back up to the external drive.

Jan 18, 2009, 01:51 PM
The Backup to Disc command is only to optical media such as a CD or DVD, not to an external hard drive. Copying the entirety of the actual iTunes Music folder does not preserve play counts, playlists, to my understanding; that data is saved inside an xml file, which you can back up by exporting the library data to the external drive, and then restore by reimporting the xml file after wiping off the system and bringing your music back over.