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Feb 1, 2009, 09:20 AM
Hi, I am thinking of buying a new MacBook (Pro). I currently back up using Time Machine and wondered when restoring when I first turn on the Mac, do I have to restore EVERYTHING or can I select what I want? Such as music and photos.
Also, does the 7200RPM hard drive in the pro create lots of noise and heat compared to the 5400RPM version? If I bought a 7200 RPM model and put it in a MacBook (Apple don't let you do this yet) would it be safe? Which models do Apple use?
Is the Pro big when carrying to school? Portability basically?
Some of you might have seen my previous posts, but judging by what I will use the laptop for, do you recommend 2.4, 4GB MacBook or the stock 2.5 Pro with upgraded hard drive?...

1. I use light bits of Photoshop CS3 Extended for school that work well on my original 2.0 Core Duo MacBook.
2. Light video editing, such as iMovie, maybe Final Cut.
3. Most importantly, music creation. I'm only a beginner on all of this, and the laptop should last me about 3 years at the least. Everybody I have spoken to about the missing FireWire on the MacBook - including people at apple - has advised me that the gap between USB and FireWire is pretty half and half. As a beginner, recording voice, guitar, keyboard, maybe drums... will the lack of FireWire be too much of a problem?

Thanks everyone!!

Feb 1, 2009, 11:45 AM