View Full Version : restored OSX and saved library(s), not able to play/find all songs

Feb 3, 2009, 02:43 PM
Hello Experts,

Sorry for the Noob question... I found out That I should have saved more than what I did after I had done my restore.

Here is my story. I had my I tunes library on an external HD in a folder called backup (Video:Backup:iTunes) and also had another library on my laptop where i guess all the playlist info etc was stored. (If I already assummed a lot of stupid things here I sincerely appologize). Picture one is where the actual music was saved and picture two is the folder I copied from my laptop to my HD before I restored.

When I put the folder back into the music folder on my laptop it will show all the playlists and song but a lot of them wont play bc they are not able to be found. When I manually search for them on my HD I find them but apparently the path to the song is messed up.

Is there anyway I can get it back working again? Do I need to change something in the XML file?

I have renamed my computer since the reinstall, I am (not really that) sure (actually) this may affect it as well...

Please help