View Full Version : Ipod Classic & 17" cinema display

Feb 4, 2009, 06:55 AM
I have a n old 17" cinema display not being used at the minute and would like to attach my ipod classic (160GB) to it. I am aware that the older cinema display does support 640x480 resolution and that it will charge the ipod through its built in hub. However can i find an adapter from the apple component cable to dvi ? I already have the apple acd to dvi adapter so i have a start. Does component (rgb) even adapt to dvi ? or am i asking too much ? As a really long shot i would like to use an fm transmitter to feed the sound to a radio. I think this could be tricky as the ipod port is already taken with component cable ? I suspect the sound would not sync to the picture anyway ? Okay enough questions for the minute hopefully someone can start pointing me in the right direction. Once i have it set up i will re post here with my findings.