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Mar 1, 2009, 10:36 AM
So, I'm getting ready to sell a couple of 12in" ibooks 1.33 g4s on ebay and need advice:
first some background.

Theyre both the base 40 gb 1.33, combo drive, wireless, blutooth from a few years back.

ibook one has 1.5gbs of ram, but is having the gray screen, diagnosed at the apple store as a faulty logic board.

ibook two is standard allt eh way around, but the case is skewed from a drop, and the battery jack is messed up (had the charger broke inside) and can no longer be charged as a result. apple store diagnosed this as an approximately 100 dollar fix.
Other than what's mentioned, all parts on both are good, screens have no dead pixels, etc.

1. should i sell the two together, or separately on ebay?
2. i no longer have a charger or any way to turn these on, so both have hard drives with all the info i had on them before they stopped working (not refreshed/osx reinstalled)
3. between them i have one battery which accepts a charger but only lasts approximately 20 minutes (good for using as a desktop replacement, one brand newish battery (maybe 10 charges) and a last one which charges normally but isnt new.

so, how should i package these on ebay (both together, separately, all bateries or no?)
and two, what can i do to make certain that the info on that HD doesnt get tampered with. i contacted a local apple store who said theyd remove it for a startling 400 bucks...
I'm a little hesitant about removing the HDs myself and would really prefer not to.

is there any protection offered by ebay, or any way i can write in my auction to have the information guaranteed to be deleted to have peace of mind?

thanks so much.

Mar 1, 2009, 07:14 PM
i'd buy a new charger, then wipe the drives and reinstall the OS.

I would sell them separately.

you might want to buy a charger for each, as you'd probably recuperate the price you paid in the sale

Mar 1, 2009, 07:57 PM
thanks for the response.

i certainly can for the one with the broken charger port (can just pop in a battery charged with the one with the broken logic board) but i cant do it to said one with faulty logic board as the computer doesnt run even a minute after osx loads. any ideas? thanks!