View Full Version : need view like "To:" in email app

Mar 3, 2009, 06:27 PM
I am adding the ability to send an email from within my app, including attachments, so I am needing to "roll my own" rather than popping the user into the email app. I'm all set with the actual sending of the email, but I want the UI to be similar to the email app -- specifically, I am planning on creating a custom view that acts (and looks) like the entry view into which you enter the list of "To:" email addresses in the email app. You know how each email address that you enter (in the email app) shows up in a rounded rectangle, and can be selected? I was hoping that was an existing control that I could reuse (inside my custom view) --- it looks somewhat like a button -- but I don't see how to do a two-state button (pressed/not pressed). It also looks somewhat like a table view cell -- but not quite. Any thoughts on how to implement this? If possible, I was hoping to avoid having to do direct drawing code and just be able to add subviews to my custom view, one for each address, where each subview was....a button? a tableview cell? I don't know..help :)