View Full Version : New Minnesota Store?

Mar 31, 2004, 10:17 AM
ifoAppleStore (http://www.ifoapplestore.com/) has posted a new rumor of a upcoming store in the Rosedale Center in St. Paul.

Minneapolis can be brutal in the winter, with temperatures well below zero. In the summer, mosquitos cruise like Huey Cobras on patrol. But I'm compelled to visit this land of contrasts to find out what makes it so attractive to Apple--they already have two retail stores on the southwest side of Minneapolis. I head for the Mall of America, and right to Camp Snoopy. I decide to ride the Mystery Mine Ride, and get teamed up with a stranger with a twitchy index finger. Arthritis, I ask? Nope, single-button mouse syndrome, she says. Ah...a Mac fan. So what's new, sweetie? She points northeast towards the huge Rosedale Center (http://www.myrosedale.com/) mall, and tells me... Apple will open a retail store there to capture even more revenue from the region's Mac addicts.

They are also saying that Apple's job site has confirmed the previously rumored Pittsburgh and Kansas City stores. No dates yet for openings yet, however.

Also listed on the "Jobs" page drop-down menu are the new locations of Pittsburgh (Shadyside) and Kansas City (Country Club Plaza, Mo.), the future retail stores I announced here first. However, no open positions are yet posted for these two new stores. Perhaps it's a trend -- both stores will be part of historic urban shopping districts, rather than located within newer malls.