View Full Version : Ibook 14" 933 on the apple website

Mar 16, 2004, 05:06 AM
I saw that the Ibook 14" 933 is given to students (on the european apple web site) at the price of 1399€ including the airport card and a laptop bag.
this offer is valide from march 1 to april 30, 2004.
I have called to post an order for the offer
and the guy, answering in ireland (where macs are sent out by courier)
told me he would get 50€ off the price of the offer,
i suddently became suspicious and asked him
when, as to him, he thought the new models would come out,
he said before the summer,...
I needed a laptop and now i don't know if i should get it
as it is now at a reasonably good price (1349€ airport, bag and mail fees included), or wait---(for how long??) for the new model.