View Full Version : Touch + remote into Mac Mini - artist tagging problem

Mar 26, 2009, 09:36 AM
I'm a Mac newbie, an am thoroughly enjoying my setup

It's a Mac Mini with a seagate USB hard drive being controlled by an ipod touch through remote app

This feeds into a DAC and into my hifi

Anyway, my question relates to the tagging of files:

Whilst I understand the difference between artist and album artist tags, it only seems possible to access the artist from the touch

Is it not possible to see the album artist through the touch?

I have quite a few compilations, or to be more accurate, quite a lot of my missus's compilations, and scrolling through artists is a complete PITA due to the endless dross artists I have to sift through to the get to the good stuff.

SO - any way to have the touch read album artist and not just artists???????

Any help would be gratefully accepted. Many thanks, Craig