View Full Version : 2 Gig Ipod Nano loses half of its capacity.

Mar 26, 2009, 11:59 PM
Before I address my current problem, I feel it is important to bring up a past one. feel free to skip ahead.

Recently my iPod became corrupt and would not reformat. after a month of research I found only two people that fixed the problem. One replaced the metal back and the other through it against the wall. since I wasn't about to spend money on something that may not fix my ipod, I hit it a few good times. It worked perfectly and for months had no problem from it.

Now my 2 Gig ipod shows it can hold 912.5 MB worth of music. Again, I have searched for months for a solution and can not find one. I have reformatted multiple times and even tried reformatting with the disk utility. Things remain the same.

anyone got a suggestion on how to breath life into my poor music player once again?