View Full Version : Did I wait too long? Well I think they mest me up!

Mar 29, 2009, 06:38 PM
Hey guys, I got a long story to tell. Please read. Very, very sad.

In 2006, I purchased the 30gb Ipod. After I had it for a while, the battery started to drain and started to discharge very quick. So I called Apple and requested service for a battery exchange. But the guy said he can only exchange my Ipod and for a refurbish one. I was like what?.. Well I had no choice but to send back my Ipod and get the refurbished one. Just to add, I was still under the extended warranty. When I got the refurbished model, after a couple of days of using it, I started getting dead pixel lines on the screen. And after a month, the hard drive started to click and shut off. I called Apple back and told me that I am out of the Apple extended warranty. And of course, they did not buy my true story. So I stayed stuck with an Ipod in which I spent more than 500 dollars at the time. Its been almost a year in which I got these problems. I called earlier today and tried to see if I had some luck of trading this Ipod for the new Ipod shuffle, and they said that I can only recycle the Ipod and get a 10% discount on another Ipod. But that didn't satisfied me. I asked if I can exchange it for the same model or anything similar, no luck. I just want to get rid of this Ipod. But the defects were Apple's fault because I didn't drop the Ipod, spilled water on it, nada. The Ipod still look brand new. Sad story, isn't it. What can you guys tell me? Can I do something else than recycle the Ipod for just a 10% discount on another Ipod?

Mar 29, 2009, 06:45 PM
At the time it happened, you probably could have been successful in pushing up Apple's chain (or even going straight to the top and e-mailing Jobs) -- assuming that your timing is accurate, getting the device replaced for the bad battery and then having the replacement die in a month is completely unreasonable, and it's pretty likely you could have gotten Apple to help you.

Now that it's been a year...and you're talking about a device that's been long since discontinued, and which you can buy on the used market for $40USD or so fairly readily (or whatever equivalent where you live), I dunno. I would personally say you should just chalk it up to experience and move on.