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Apr 2, 2009, 04:42 AM

Im a newbie to macs being a competent windows pc user building pcs for a number of years now. Before you all start throwing rotten eggs at me, one of the things putting me off macs for years was the extortionate prices apple charges.

I dipped my toes into the apple world after falling in love with an itouch and even ended up buying an iphone because of it. As a programmer though I was disappointed they only do the sdk for apples. To this affect I have got a dual 2Ghz G5 (one of the late 2004 models).

When I got it it initially had nothing in it - I was surprised when most of my spare pc parts, and pc parts i bought worked in it (memory, dvd drive, mice and sata drives), again it irritates me with the disproportionate apple prices, for e.g. 1gb memory cost around 450 via apple when ordinary 2gb pc memory only cost me 60 and works like a dream. Its like even to download the sdk to write *free* iphone apps I still have to pay an extra $99 for the privilege! You mac guys must all be rich and loaded!

I'm very happy at the moment (and surprised) that leopard runs extremely nicely on the 64mb fx5200 agp card it came with. I also intend to try it out for video editing and know that pc vga cards have smaller roms than mac vga cards (for booting) but other than that in theory should work on an apple?

I have three questions, that may save me time rummaging in the attic for old pc parts:

1. Does anyone know if my old pc agp cards will work on g5 without firmware hacks?

2. Will I need any special video drivers to run pc agp video cards on os 10.5?

3. Why do 'mac' edition agp cards have such low memory compared to their pc counterparts? Is it a different type of memory on the vga card perhaps?

Apr 2, 2009, 05:10 AM
1. Does anyone know if my old pc agp cards will work on g5 without firmware hacks?AFAIK they won't, graphics cards are the things you need special Mac versions of, at least in PPC Macs (Intel Macs allow PC cards on the Windows side but not on the Mac side, again AFAIK).

BTW, I have a used Power Mac G5 graphics card to sell ;)

Apr 2, 2009, 05:20 AM
BTW, I have a used Power Mac G5 graphics card to sell ;)

Hi Veldek, What model card do you have?

Apr 2, 2009, 05:48 AM
Hi Veldek, What model card do you have?IIRC, it is an Nvidia 6800 Ultra AGP card with 256MB RAM. My Power Mac broke some months ago. A technician checked the parts and found out it's either the main board or the processor board, he could verify though that the graphics card is all right.

Problem might be your location though, as I'm from Germany...