View Full Version : Review: new 4GB iPod shuffle

Apr 9, 2009, 12:32 AM
It's pretty cool (got the black one) really tiny...makes the previous one look huge and fat! ;) I used to make fun of shuffles but then decided to get one after all when I got a second job that requires working in really dirty environments with lots of heavy objects flying around...didn't want my $400 iPod touch to get smashed. :eek:

By the way, for those who hate the crappy stock earbuds, the $79 premium Apple in-ears also work with all functions: volume control, center-click twice to go to the next track, and three times to go to the previous track. I know it's retarded when the earbuds cost as much as the iPod itself, but the premium earbuds sound SO much better, especially with Apple Lossless (yes, I have Apple Lossless on the shuffle...needless to say, not many songs will fit on it at a time!) :D