View Full Version : Quicksilver dies when Firewire Transfer is initiated?

Apr 10, 2009, 12:01 PM
Hello Apple Geniuses,

I have a G4 Tower 867Mhz, great machine. However it behaves a little strangely. When I was first given the machine to look at, I was told that it didn't turn on at all, the power button stayed lit until it was released, and then it died. I checked power to the motherboard, it seemed a little loose so I tightened the connection, and now it's started for me normally the last dozen times I've tried it.

However, it is still dying when I try to initiate firewire transfer with my G5 tower. It starts up OK, chimes, but while I'm holding down "T", after a few seconds the power abruptly dies and the machine goes silent.

I reset PRAM earlier, checked the battery as well- 3.6V, looks fine. I also removed all non-Apple RAM and the video card... doesn't seem to be an aftermarket device issue. However, I have not updated firmware yet....

What do you think? I'm hoping not to hear "Power Supply" or "Logic Board" but.... :(