View Full Version : MediaPlayer.framework iphoneOS3.0 can not work with simulater

Apr 20, 2009, 06:03 AM
MediaPlayer.framework of iphoneOS3.0 can not work with simulator.

When i am using this framework it, is giving me the following message in xCode console.

"MPMediaLibrary: Unable to launch media library server: application not found".

This framework is using iTune's synced library. Is this message is due to that in simulator. Bcoz i may happen iTune's library path can not find in simulator.

In framework this line is written .....

" MPMediaLibrary represents a collection of media on a device, and can be used to fetch items and playlists from the user's synced iTunes library."

Is anyone have face this problem?

If anyone have this framework guide than please reply me. I need help to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,
Hemali Mojidra

Jun 30, 2011, 10:18 PM
From the documentation:

Note: iPod library access works only on devices and not in the Simulator. This is because the Simulator has no access to a device’s iPod library. To develop applications using the classes in this technology, you need a provisioned iOS device.