View Full Version : GetVideoArtwork.com - Help Needed.

Apr 22, 2009, 03:03 PM
As an iTunes movie/TV Show image resource, I wanted to come here (to the creative folks of the Apple moniker) to see if anyone had the time, ability and/or inclination to help tackle the project of updating GetVideoArtwork. Perhaps you just want a challenge, perhaps you use the site, perhaps you just want to be a good hum na being (heheh).

And if it's that you jsut want to pay the bills and compensation is an issue, we can discuss.

Basically, the new site needs to:

1) Allow four types of users: Basic, Basic +, Mods, Admin
2) Allow upload/categorization/modertation of images.
3) Allow for requests that can be filled (or are autofilled) based on uploads.
4) Allow metadata to be added per image.
5) Can lock a metadata to no further edits.
6) External API to allow metadata/images to be scraped.

User types:
Can Upload images that remain in stasis until moderator approves.
Can enter information into metadata which remains until moderator approves.
Can report image/metadata issue to moderators.
Can request artwork.

Basic +
All Basic but without moderator input except for on report to mods.

All Basic+ but with ability to approve metadata & images and delete content (images, requests, etc).

Admin - All functionality inherent to site. Can appoint/delete moderators.

I have basic HTML/CSS programming skills. I have mediocre graphic arts skills. I can contribute to the design, as long as the back-end code/database structure is there.

Anyone interested?