View Full Version : How to setup a G4 Powerbook as a home File sever?

Apr 23, 2009, 08:19 AM
Hi Guys,

I hope one of you could help with a situation i am trying to create..

I run a small business, and what we have running is
3 Macbook Pro's all connected to an airport extreme, which is connect to a ADSL router which is bridged i.e we connect via PPPoE to the internet.
We also have a Lacie harddrive plugged into airport extreme via usb, which we use as back up.

What we trying to do:
I have a spare G4 powerbook, which i would like to setup on this small network and run it as a server ..
and what we would like to achieve, is a situation where all 3 of us can use/edit/save documents at the same time, and use Project management software at the same time in real time ...

how would i do this?

your help would be much appreciated