View Full Version : Sync or Sleep dozing Mac prevents long Apple TV syncs

Apr 28, 2009, 11:08 AM
Should iTunes prevent the host Mac going into sleep mode when syncing?

Lengthy syncs between iTunes and my Apple TV are interrupted by my Mac going to sleep. When I wake the laptop, unsurprisingly the sync has stopped.

Am I right in thinking that iTunes usually keeps the computer awake as long as the sync is in progress? If so, what could have gone wrong?

As an interim measure I have set the laptop remain awake when connected to power, but this is not ideal.

If it helps the great minds of the forum, here's my setup:

MacBook Pro 15" unibody connected via WIFI
Airport Extreme N router
USB HD shared via Air Disk
Apple TV connected to Airport via ethernet

All software is fully updated across all devices.