View Full Version : UITabBarController and didReceiveMemoryWarning:

North Bronson
Apr 29, 2009, 06:01 PM
I have a UITabBarController filled with two UINavigationControllers. Let's say each UINavigationController has a Root View Controller and a Leaf View Controller.

If I am on the Root View Controller for both tabs and I receive a memory warning, the app sets the view for the *Leaf* View Controllers to nil. If I am on the First Tab, this means that the view for the *Root* View Controller for the *Second* Tab is *not* set to nil.

It seems like I would want to nil this second view out -- if I am on the first tab, shouldn't the app figure that the second tab is offscreen and the view should be set to nil? Can I (or would I) want to figure out how to do this myself?