View Full Version : Sans Digital Hardware RAID enclosure and Airport Extreme

May 7, 2009, 07:42 PM
I posted this earlier in Buying Tips, but that was probably the wrong place. Apologies for the duplicate post.

I was looking at the Sans Digital TR2UT-B for a RAID1 USB drive to put onto an Airport Extreme as a Time Machine backup. Sans Digital seems to be well thought of and gets good reviews. Its very cost effective ($90) and it appears to be hardware RAID, so that means I should just be able to configure it and then plug it into the Airport Extreme and it will just work as a normal USB disk - with the redundancy of RAID to further protect the backup.


The TS2UT version looks good as well with more accessible drives:


Anyone tried this and know that it works? Any other thoughts on this enclosure?

Thanks in advance!