View Full Version : Airport Dv+ maybe a motherboard error

Apr 30, 2004, 08:37 PM
Hi guys. I've got a great problem to work on...

I got an iMac Dv+ Slot loading blue thing...it's a 450Mhz, 380MB ram, and maybe a bad Airport card, but maybe not. I've tried two cards, one adapter and get nothing. The Airport Administrator Utility just won't find a Wireless accesspoint. But I have one that I use it's a Me102 Netgear and to add insult it works with my buddies G4 PB with Airport Extreme....So I know the Access Point can be seen. I'm running OS10.3, and I'm using the airport card cause my onbaord network card is dead...could this dead NIC be screwing up my airport set up too?

I got this Mac for free, some lady fried her DVD player and HDD, I replaced both, I'm getting ready to replace the Motherboard...but not if you people have any tips first.

Thanks in a Advance.