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May 20, 2009, 03:58 AM
Well, I tried addressing a similar problem one month ago at

In a month, I got 149 views and not a single reply so I figure the question was either too hard or too badly worded.
This is a different question about a secondary issue.
I have given up on the airvast since my mac could never see it properly enough to connect with the Eyehome unit that started all of this madness in the first place.
Next, I bought a Linksys Virgin Media G Wireless LAN Wifi Bridge Router, plugged it in upstairs from my imac and the computer spotted it immediately. I ethernetted it into the eyehome and bingo - it worked perfectly and still does. I can lay in bed and watch the movies on my downstairs drives.
Crackin' stuff, eh?

In order for the Linksys to connect to my imac I have to switch network airport prefs from my sky connection to the linksys, meaning that I can watch movies upstairs but cannot connect to the internet downstairs at the same time... which my Missus is not pleased about since it means she can't spend money online while I'm not looking... (every cloud has a silver lining, after all...)
I thought perhaps that, if I connected the imac to the sky modem directly by ethernet cables then it could roam the web through the sky modem while I watched movies using the airport wireless connection to the Linksys...

but.. NNNnnnooooooo!
When the ethernet connection is plugged into the back of the imac, the eyehome wireless connection ceases to work.
My question is - why would it? can it? is there some box to tick, some pref to adjust that will make it work?

and another thing...
this eyehome thing works SO WELL, upstairs that I want to be able to now watch my movies in the downstairs living room and I'm thinking of buying a second eyehome box to put downstairs where I can plug an ethernet cable directly from it to the sky modem. Does anyone have any guesses as to whether it would work and to what extent/limitations?
Surely someone out there must know how to effectively network these things. As always, any help will be greatly appreciated.

May 20, 2009, 04:09 AM
When you have your eyehome connected to your laptop, you are able to surf the web right?
Another thing that I wonder is, have you ever typed in your ip adress, logged into the eyehome and wireless router to check what the settings are?

Perhaps when it detects a direct line to your wife/girlfriends? computer, it thinks it doesnt need to send out a wireless one because you have the direct line.

It might be as simple as changing a spec in the settings of your wireless router or eyehome.

I will do some more research on the eyehome, but if you could provide some more details, that would make my thinking easier :)


May 20, 2009, 04:28 AM
the eyehome is connected to my upstairs tv by scart and to the upstairs Linksys by ethernet cable which picks up it's signal from the airport function of the downstairs imac which is the only computer in the house (there is no laptop involved.)
When upstairs with the eyehome connected to the imac by changing the airport network option, the eyehome box cannot access the internet EVEN WHEN THE IMAC IS CONNECTED TO THE SKYMODEM BY CABLE RATHER THAN THE AIRPORT- which I believe it's supposed to do.
It is my theory that the signal should go from the eyehome box, through the linksys by airport signal to the imac and then through direct ethernet cable connection to the skymodem which is plugged into the phoneline socket, as normal. When I had the eyehome plugged directly into the imac by ethernet cable I could watch the movies on my drives and get online on the imac by airport to the skymodem, but could not get onlne on the eyehome to check for updates for the firmware.
I have not dared to adjust IP addresses (even if I knerw/understood how) since I simply do not understand any of this seemingly obvious technostuff and am terrified that I will lose the options that I already have.
I truly appreciate your help and hope that this data will assist you in untangling the horrific knot created in the miasma of technology and my own ignorance and fear.

May 20, 2009, 04:39 AM
I'm going to bed now, too late, but I will work on it the first thing in the morning. It seems very fascinating to solve, but I've been awake for the past 30 hours, so I need some sleep.

What I will do tomorrow is chart everything out, and try come up with a solution to this. Hold on!


May 20, 2009, 04:43 AM
while you slumber I shall attempt to find the instructions that came with this eyehome beast wherein it refers to entire sections to do with isps and ips and such...
thanks again.

May 20, 2009, 10:36 AM
These were the original instructions that came with the machine and it's Airvast network bridge. Much of what is in them makes my eyes glaze over but I assume that those in the know will be able to make perfect sense of them. Let's bear in mind that it's NOT the Airvast that I'm dealing with anymore, but rather the Linksys.
Good luck and good morning...


May 20, 2009, 06:24 PM
Okey, lets find a way to solve your problem!
First of all, did you ever do the full setup like the pdf file explained step by step?
Secondly, when you did this, was there something that you did differently because it wasn’t available?

Before reading the text under here, answer me the first couple of questions, thanks!

So, if I get it right, you have two floors. On the top floor your TV is located, along with your new linksys router? The TV and router are connected with Ethernet. On the floor underneath, you have your modem, Eyehome, and iMac. The TV is connected to your eyehome by a scart, and the eyehome is connected to your linksys with Ethernet cable?
What doesn’t make sense to me, is that you have your router upstairs if I am correctly, instead of having it downstairs next to your modem.
The correct placement would logically be:
Modem – Router (emitting wireless and connecting your eyehome with Ethernet) – Eyehome/iMac. Then Eyehome – TV

Ok, lets start with that for now. You might see that I am not a full expert, but I believe that this is indeed a not too complicated issue, so I believe going down step by step should lead us to a solution.


May 20, 2009, 10:38 PM
Firstly, no I did not follow the instructions since I do not have AirPort Admin Utility or an AirPort Express Base Station.
Secondly, the eyehome, linksys and tv are all upstairs. The linksys RECEIVES a signal from the imac airport and sends it, via ethernet, to the eyehome, which translates it and sends it to the tv.

May 21, 2009, 12:23 AM
The linksys RECEIVES a signal from the imac airport and sends it, via ethernet, to the eyehome, which translates it and sends it to the tv.

It seems that you have a quite complicated setup. I believe that your linksys should receive a signal from your modem, and emit a wireless signal that you will use to surf the web. Next, I would let your iMac send out his files to the eyehome via ethernet (I believe there must be a way to set up a preference). This way, your eyehome gets a ethernet signal from your iMac, translating it, blablabla.
I believe you will have to tweek your settings on your computer, and with the software you should have been provided with for the eyehome.

Please, protect your wireless internet. You really dont want to have someone driving by and stealing files!
Just take out your handbook provided along with the router when you got it, and follow the instructions.

I am afraid I will not be able to help you more than this. I will be able to follow up your findings, but this is as far my knowledge goes. I would have to go to your house, and tweek it myself...

My best guess, if you are not able to work it out yourself, one of your friends or family should have some knowledge about networks, and you can tweek it out with them :)

Good luck, and keep me posted!