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May 4, 2004, 04:32 PM
I saw a new Dell 15" notebook yesterday, and it had a 1400x10?? pixel display...

that's like 125 dpi!!!

it was really, really beautiful...almost like looking at a bright piece of paper.

The machine weighed very little, and it had a good, solid shell and sturdy feel...my boss's TiBook has a slightly bendy screen (you could twist it some at the corners)...this dell had a slightly curved edge to the monitor half of the machine...this made it extremely rigid.

To be honest, i was quite impressed by the build quality, the technology, and even the styling...not as clean as the PBs, but not garrish at all. Sort of a graphite-flat metallic color and no silly frills or curves...

It was also dead silent and never even got my lap warm...

built-in bluetooth, GB ethernet, wireless, 7200rpm drive, 1GB RAM (1 chip), 2.4ghz P4 mobility...

almost as fast as my PC tower at home...

after looking at that screen for a while, i realized that a 17 inch laptop is NOT the way to go...you just need a 15 inch one with a higher pixel density and smaller pixel size...you guys may think i'm blowing smoke, but believe me, if you saw this screen, you'd want a 17inch version for your desktop.

I'm using a very nice 21.3 inch professional LCD display, and this 15" notebook had almost as many pixels!

May 5, 2004, 11:51 AM
Yes, some of the higher-resolution screens out now look pretty nice. That's probably the same screen that's in my brother's Dell notebook. It is nice, but not everyone's eyes can handle that kind of resolution. Hopefully the availability of nice screens like that will encourage Apple and Microsoft to improve the resolution-independence and scalability of their GUIs. I haven't really looked at what options MacOS X has for scaling the GUI, because the default settings look pretty good on my 20" 1600x1200 LCD.

When I played with my brother's notebook, I remember thinking that the screen rocked, and he hadn't paid much for it, but I still wasn't that interested. Usually I'm a gadget slut. But seeing Windows on that pretty screen was as much of a turn-off as seeing a cigarette dangling from the hand of some hot babe. Yuck. Too bad.

Cranky Crikey

May 6, 2004, 12:32 PM
i've seen resolution-independent demos of longhorn's graphics systems...that's the future. Very nice stuff.

OS X doesn't support it at all @ the moment. probably will some day, but quartz will have to be re-written again...and they'll have to get 150+ dpi screens on store shelves and out of the testing labs...