View Full Version : My FC Setup...

May 26, 2009, 01:55 PM
I have a simple set-up at work.
An XServe running Leopard, XServe RAID and a G-Speed FC XL 16 24TB FC.
Both FC RAID systems are on a QLogic SANBox 1400. I set both RAID FC at 2GB wired in dual to XServe. Now if I leave it this the way, technically I can use all RAID mounts to whatever shared point I create in the XServe right? I have done this originally with the XServe RAID and everything seems intact to this point. However Ive been avoiding the recent G-Speed in fear of...well I dont thus why Im asking :)
The other part is, do I really need XSAN at all? Will I benefit from using XSAN?
I guess if I had a few ports left I could hook up our Avid and some other MAC/PC box then I will need XSAN on them but really do I need it for the XServe?
Thanks in advance :)